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"SAFARI" out now 

Le PaRi Records is back with a new brand design and a lot of new music releases in 2022. The first release in 2022 is called 'Safari', produced by Brotech from Berlin. The DJ delivers an incredible Afro House hit single which is guaranteed a dancefloor filler. It's an absolutely main time Must-Play track for all electronic music clubs or festivals.


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Deeplomatic Recordings EP#109 from Brotech: Delivering an intricate two-track record with remixes, Dis House EP incorporates a whole host of tech savvy house cuts, blending deep progressive elements with powerful bass lines to create a rather splendid tech-house feast. Kicking it off in true tech-house style is the namesake track Dis House which contains a wide selection of percussive instruments formulated to create intense builds that are wrapped in warped deep vocals declaring 'this house'.

The opener is a killer groove fit for purpose and is followed up by a Dub Mix for those wanting a clean cut without the vocals. Three remixes follow, the first is by Robin Hirte and takes a slightly more melodic route with longer builds, deeper drops and heavier bass lines that make for a faster paced head banger. Up next is Redux Saints with a thumping house beat that immerses off kilter kick drums and snares within a wonky bass line, whilst the final track is a Sneaker Dancing Dub Mix from American DJ Cheyne Christian who incorporates heavy synths with acid-like samples to create a weirdly wonderful unique groove. 

On the flip is another original track by Brotech called Here We Go, another solid two-stepping tech-house thriller intertwined with rumbling bass lines and deep vocals exclaiming 'here we go'. In a similar fashion, the follow up is slightly cleaner Dub Mix which is preceded by a more progressive remix from American stalwart Eduke.

New Single 'Nan Guin Nan Wan' 

Berlin based head of SYNCOPE, Brotech continues the powerful production precision following on from the highly supported success of 'Push It' and 'Tell Me', with another release on hin label entitled 'Nan Guin Nan Wan'. Much like the title of the track, his new project pushes the power into the Brotech sound. This man is on a mission, and this release is a clear presentation of his productions being pushed to the next level.

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New Single "Party Dancer" is out now!! 

BROTECH's new single "Party Dancer" is finally out today!

'Party Dancer' is a seductive party tune that's got a killer groove, sun-drenched flow and all things a Tech House lover needs. 
In a playful game of drums, vocals and a grooved bass, 'Party Dancer' makes up for the perfect festival or beachclub highlight, but rest assured, it'll hit in just as hard, loud and ferocious in a 2AM nightclub. Cruise the highway on a sunny day with this one playing and we guarantee you, you'll be breaking the speed limit. For all, who prefere a deeper sound, there is the Instrumental version without the vocals.

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