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Deeplomatic Recordings EP#109 from Brotech: Delivering an intricate two-track record with remixes, Dis House EP incorporates a whole host of tech savvy house cuts, blending deep progressive elements with powerful bass lines to create a rather splendid tech-house feast. Kicking it off in true tech-house style is the namesake track Dis House which contains a wide selection of percussive instruments formulated to create intense builds that are wrapped in warped deep vocals declaring 'this house'.

The opener is a killer groove fit for purpose and is followed up by a Dub Mix for those wanting a clean cut without the vocals. Three remixes follow, the first is by Robin Hirte and takes a slightly more melodic route with longer builds, deeper drops and heavier bass lines that make for a faster paced head banger. Up next is Redux Saints with a thumping house beat that immerses off kilter kick drums and snares within a wonky bass line, whilst the final track is a Sneaker Dancing Dub Mix from American DJ Cheyne Christian who incorporates heavy synths with acid-like samples to create a weirdly wonderful unique groove. 

On the flip is another original track by Brotech called Here We Go, another solid two-stepping tech-house thriller intertwined with rumbling bass lines and deep vocals exclaiming 'here we go'. In a similar fashion, the follow up is slightly cleaner Dub Mix which is preceded by a more progressive remix from American stalwart Eduke.